Our firm has successfully and skillfully litigated products liability cases across the country.

Walter DeForest was hired as trial counsel less than one month before trial to defend a general aviation engine manufacturer in a wrongful death case in Gwinnett County Superior Court for the State of Georgia. In the case, the plaintiffs sought more than $18 million in damages related to the crash of a Cessna 210 aircraft where the pilot's family claimed that the pilot, a well-recognized anesthesiologist, had an engine failure shortly before the plane crashed. After a two-week jury trial, the jury awarded only $1.7 million, considerably less than the damages sought by plaintiffs at trial. We have successfully defended several other death cases involving other products as well as non-death cases. We will try cases to verdict or amicably resolve them depending on the best interests of the client.

Our firm’s work in this area also includes the defense of claims involving several products and chemicals such as mining equipment, glass bottles, food products, lighting equipment, household appliances, pesticides, industrial chemicals, and petrochemicals.

Marie DeForest Garcia is the supervising attorney for the firm's asbestos defense practice. She has an active asbestos defense practice where she has successfully received summary judgment numerous times for her clients. She has defended asbestos actions in Delaware, California, Illinois, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Wyoming.

To learn more about the firm's Products Liability and Toxic Torts Practice, please contact:

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